Managing Airflow in Your Data Center and Server Room

AmCraft manufactures airflow management products and enclosures for data centers and server rooms. Protecting your critical equipment begins with an assessment of your airflow and data center layout in order to engineer the ideal containment system for your space. We focus on creating comprehensive enclosure systems with airtight designs that provide airflow and temperature control for end aisle containment and hot or cold aisle containment. Our air flow curtain wall systems, rigid panels, entry doors and air sealing accessories are designed to provide safety, cost savings and enhanced efficiency in your server room.

Airflow Containment for an Array of Environments

Here at AmCraft, airflow containment is our business. We take pride in creating effective server room design options that allow us to build hot aisle and cold aisle enclosures for data centers, technology centers, and any other business application in need of air containment solutions. Our expertly designed and crafted systems are designed to form an airtight, custom-made server aisle enclosure to contain airflow patterns and provide temperature control in data centers.

Benefits of AmCraft Enclosures and Containment Panels

Why manage data center airflow? There are a host of benefits associated with hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment. Aside from the more obvious benefits like increased equipment performance and lifespan, containment panels also offer the following:

  • Flexible design for any data center layout configuration
  • Compliant with fire and safety regulations
  • Enhanced server performance
  • Protects servers from dust and other airborne debris
  • Control temperature zones
  • Decreased energy costs
  • Enhanced comfort for employees
  • Easy installation, plus adaptability and portability
  • Affordable options
  • Expandable for growth and reconfigurations

Engineering and Design Assistance

At AmCraft, we help to evaluate your data center requirements and layout options to achieve the best air flow containment solution. Most often, a custom room configuration is used to manage the most effective air control pattern. To achieve the best airflow plan, our design team will help you to evaluate your data center layout options every step of the way.

Our most important assets are our in-house engineering and design assistance services. We have teams who can design an airflow containment system for you, or alternatively, our kit solutions provide the materials needed with installation instructions so that you can build a data center enclosure yourself. Whether you are designing a custom data enclosure, or expanding or replacing parts, the containment options you choose will be fabricated by usto ensure a custom fit to your data center space.

Cold Aisle Containment Vs. Hot Aisle Containment

AmCraft airflow containment systems use cold aisle air containment panels to create a barrier that allows the internal cooled air supply to collect inside a data center aisle, and stay contained inside the aisle at the front of one or more server cabinets. This barrier is implemented from the top down to the floor to effectively contain the cold air delivered from air conditioning units through ceiling and floor input ducts.

In the case of hot aisle containment, AmCraft makes custom airflow containment systems that allow warm air to rise from inside the enclosure. These containment solutions allow hot air to be directed upward and out of the enclosure, where the hot air flows to air conditioning units outside of the data center enclosure.

Whether you’re increasing your server rack population, reconfiguring a rack or server cabinet layout, or are just not happy with your server room layout, contact us today. We will listen to your concerns and provide options that will lead to an optimal and economical air containment solution for your facility.

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