March 2014 - Data Center Enclosure

Which data center doors are right for my air management system?

Data centers need a proper air flow management system in place. As part of your air flow containment plan, you can add doors to your data center for effective cooling and accessibility. As you choose your data center door, you’ll want to consider which door can work best for the size of your room, as […]

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How Can I Seal Air Leaks?

After you install a data center, you need to make sure it stays at an optimal temperature and that any hot or cold aisle containment systems are operational and keeping your servers running at optimal temperatures. Sometimes, though, you may not have been able to fit a server’s cabinet racks properly, or open spaces may […]

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FabraCraft serves Data Center Companies

FabraCraft serves data center companies with air flow solutions and air containment products that help data driven companies become more energy efficient and effective at managing hot / cold aisles in a data center. FabraCraft is located in Elk Grove Village, IL, an industrial and manufacturing area outside Chicago that can now use its powerful […]

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