4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Remodeling Your Data Center Design

New data center design with improved air flow management and energy efficiency

Air flow management is crucial to protecting your servers and rack systems. Sometimes, however, your current data center design may not be providing to the most effective air flow possible. You should consider that your servers could benefit from a new data center layout due to current inefficient air flow. A new design implementation could […]

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Advantages of Data Centers over Cloud Storage

As cloud computing is gaining traction, businesses need to consider the ramifications of leaving behind their in-house data centers. Many cloud systems do not meet every requirement a particular business’s needs, so they may need multiple cloud systems—which can quickly become complicated. Cloud systems also do not provide the same level of security or accessibility […]

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The Benefits of Using Wall Panels in Data Centers

Data Center or Server Room Wall Panel

All data centers need proper airflow management systems to ensure they stay at the right temperature and have proper cooling and heat dissipation. As part of hot and cold aisle containment plans, many data center designers will include wall panels, as they are an effective way to keep data centers cool while still being durable, […]

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