September 2014 - Data Center Enclosure

What is the best end aisle containment door for a server room?

After you have established a server room layout, your data center designer may recommend using one of several types of end of aisle containment doors to provide efficient and effective air flow management. At FabraCraft, we suggest one of three door styles: strip, sliding and hinged. See which would work for your data center layout. […]

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How can you control air flow in server aisles?

To keep air contained in your data center layout, you will need to have certain measures in place. At FabraCraft, we recommended the following measures to control air flow patterns and maintain temperatures in your server aisle enclosure. View our recommended door systems and data center accessories for eliminating air leaks. Doors For Data Center […]

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What are the advantages of soft wall panel systems?

As you search for the proper data center design, you will want to choose a server aisle panel system that will keep your air flow management plan working effectively. Soft wall data center panels provide many advantages for regulating data center air flow patterns and maintaining temperature zones. Customized Shape Barriers Some data centers require […]

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FabraCraft Designs Hot Aisle Enclosure for a Corporate Customer

A hot aisle enclosure is an effective way to protect expensive computer systems in a data center. A data center requires the management of cold air and hot air flow patterns in order to control temperature zones that prevent the overheating of servers and server racks. Which to use, or a combination of both, hot […]

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