Advantages of Data Centers over Cloud Storage

Advantages of Data Centers over Cloud Storage

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As cloud computing is gaining traction, businesses need to consider the ramifications of leaving behind their in-house data centers. Many cloud systems do not meet every requirement a particular business’s needs, so they may need multiple cloud systems—which can quickly become complicated. Cloud systems also do not provide the same level of security or accessibility for maintenance issues. Data center servers are more commonly used for administrative purposes to internalize critical, private data. See why on-site servers are still a favorable option for your business’s data storage needs.

Accessibility for Maintenance

Data centers provide businesses the ease of accessibility to critical data that runs their company. While data centers don’t normally have severe issues but if they do, you will want your IT department to provide maintenance as quickly as possible. On-site data center layouts allow for quick access; whereas a cloud service does not provide the same luxury. When cloud companies have issues, you cannot control the problems immediately, rather, you must wait for them to repair the damages. This could ultimately cause a significantly longer down time that affects your business.

Security with Data Center Designs

Cloud services operate externally so it could be prone to additional security threats. Many companies still want to keep employee and customer information, as well as billing, on in-house servers for the sake of privacy.The cloud, however, does not necessarily provide that same level of individual security.In these times of cyber hacking anyone could gain access to a cloud network—which could put your valuable business information and applications at risk.

Because data center layouts are connected to your physical site, you can easily check to make sure all your credentials and applications are in place and that the equipment is functioning properly and securely. If a cloud service operates from multiple locations, each of these would require certifications. Still, many clouds may not have the latest security certifications required for your operations, making in-house data center designs more desirable.

Which One Should You Choose?

Well-designed data centers can handle heavy workloads, running various types of applications simultaneously. Some of these applications are no longer available for purchase but are still required for day-to-day business, and moving them to a cloud could result in a large financial loss.Data centers will always have a purpose, especially for medium- to small-sized companies. These companies rely on the security and accessibility that an on-site data center provides, which cloud services cannot always do.
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