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A data center can range from a simple two cabinet rack to aisles of many, heavy populated cabinet racks. The greater the density, the more heat builds up, creating the need for air flow management. At some point air flow becomes important to control the overall ambient temperature of the room. The locations of the racks relative to CRAC outlets and CRAC returns is critical to the management of air flow, specifically the flow of cold air through the racks and servers. When you keep in mind that the objective is to push cold air through the server racks and minimize / eliminate cold air going around the server racks, the task becomes clearer.

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Know when to install air flow management systems

AmCraft aisle temperature containment systems create a stable environment for servers through the use of air flow management. Pooling conditioned cooled air at the front of the server racks (the air intake side) and directing that air through the racks create safe temperature zones. The heated air exiting the opposite side of the racks is contained / directed back to the CRAC as efficiently as possible for re-conditioning, thus completing the cycle while maintaining an effective temperature separation for a high percentage of the air volume.

Properly installed air containment curtains

AmCraft’s air flow management systems can render dramatic results with a moderate amount of planning and proper installation. Our air flow management system is a collection of components that work together to fit into your existing space to create an effective ‘directed air flow’ arrangement.

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