Custom Containment Curtain Panels & NFPA Vinyl Enclosures

Material Specifications

Fire resistant vinyl (NFPA) for data centers

  • Low or non outgassing properties
  • Protection from humidity
  • High light emission / crystal clear transparency
  • Cold crack resistance -20˚F
  • Strong tensile strength, tear resistant
  • Anti fungal / anti bacterial material is easy to clean
  • Fire retardant—ASTM certified, ESD safe, fire rated UBC class 1, meets NFPA class A and B flame spread standards

Custom containment curtain panels can be ordered in any width and length.

  • Standard Strip curtains are 84” length by 4”, 8” or 12” wide
  • Standard Soft Wall curtain panels are 84” length by 24”, 48” and 54” wide
  • Curtain panels can be cut on-site to work around obstructions
  • Material Thickness: 20 mil (.5 mm) or 40 mil (1.0 mm)
    (custom options from .1 mm to 3.0 mm thick)

Colors: Clear, Opaque Black, Opaque White, UV-Guard Yellow

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Want to Go Green? AmCraft air management systems help to reduce equipment energy costs, lowers the carbon emissions emitted, and helps to keep an area clean from contaminates for better equipment reliability. Our low outgassing materials are made ecologically safe and minimize risk to the internal air quality. Air controlling curtain panels work with filtration systems to provide a clean room enclosure that is safe for both employees and equipment. Check with your local utility company to determine if you are eligible for a rebate or additional energy discounts.

Regularly clean data center walls

It is important to have a regular cleaning schedule for your vinyl data center air containment curtains. To maintain the clarity of the clear hot aisle containment curtain and cold aisle containment curtain, you should clean them on a regular basis to prevent particulate build up*.

We recommend that you use a clean, damp cloth with water and Dawn for cleaning curtains with a build up of plasticized migration, a residue which is a natural occurrence with plasticized pvc materials. If no plasticized build up has occurred, we recommend Simple Green, an environmentally friendly product that is good for large area cleaning or spot cleaning.

To best clean the curtain and avoid streaking, first wipe down the curtains in a methodical manner using a clean cotton or microfiber dry cloth to make sure the entire curtain has surface debris removed or minimized. To remove residue, use another clean, non-abrasive damp cloth with a cleaning detergent and wipe down the area to be cleaned. To finish, use a non abrasive dry cloth to remove any water spots that could have formed.

A solvent based cleaner is NOT recommended. The integrity of the material would be jeopardized using these harsh chemical cleaners. The use of a non abrasive and mild detergent will cut through soil or mildly greasy film on the curtain. Some detergents can ‘cloud’ the material so it is recommended that you test a small area first.

Do NOT mix Bleach and Ammonia to use as a cleaner.

Practice safety when cleaning data center curtains

When cleaning your aisle containment curtains it is important for safety purposes to wear eye protection, old clothing and use a splash cloth to protect any equipment that could get wet.

*Contamination in Data Centers may not be as prominent an issue as climate control but it is something to keep in mind on an ongoing basis. Inspecting your CRAC filters on a regular basis is a best practice as it will give you a first hand indication of your particulate level. Contamination / contaminates can take on many forms, particulate and gaseous. Both require monitoring and direct measure methods to provide assessments of the overall air quality in the Data Center.

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