Panel Systems for Air Flow Containment in Server Aisles

Panel Systems

Data Centers are rooms created to house expensive computer equipment stored in server cabinets or racks. A data center enclosure can be large enough to house a series of many rack aisles, or can be a simple enclosure built around two cabinet racks. To create an in-house data center enclosure you’ll first need to understand the airflow patterns that are present in the space you want to use. The air input and air returns need to be established to better determine the optimal design and layout you’ll need to create an air tight enclosure.

AmCraft offers several solutions of panel systems that are used to construct the walls of the enclosure. Determining a hot aisle – cold aisle layout will be the first step to defining an aisle containment solution. Softwall panels are an effective and low cost option that is designed to hang from ceiling mounted brackets to the floor, and from the ceiling bracket to the top of the server racks. Rigid panels use plexiglass panels encased in aluminum frames mounted to the cabinet top and cabinet sides to provide a more stable wall system. Both of these containment panel options are designed to create the walls above, around and in between the server racks.

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Softwall Data Center Curtains          data center curtain enclosure_FabraCraft

Strip and softwall curtain systems are clear, heavy weight vinyl strips that are easily configured to rectangular room dimensions, or custom layouts that require unusual shapes to work around obstructions. The best data center aisle containment solution is an enclosure that can effectively and efficiently control air flow movement and temperatures inside the server aisles.

Data Center Curtains are easy to attach to our pre-assembled brackets that mount to either drop ceilings or structural ceilings. Softwall curtain panels are effective for aisle isolation, are easy to replace, and can be used for expanding the enclosure when your needs grow.

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Panel Systems create Efficiency in Data Centers

Server aisle containment is necessary to provide either hot aisle isolation or cold aisle isolation in order to protect servers from overheating. Isolating temperature zones to the inside of the enclosure provides energy efficiency and cost savings when operating an in-house data center.

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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