Replacement Data Center Curtains

AmCraft air management replacement panels are used to replace worn, damaged data center panels within an existing data center site. Often times, one or just a few components of a data center enclosure will need to be replaced. AmCraft’s replacement data center curtain panels are typically constructed in the same manner using the same materials as new data center panels. A data center replacement curtain becomes a substitute panel and is interchangeable to fit with existing hardware and bracket systems. Each replacement air containment curtain panel can be custom manufactured to retrofit your existing enclosure and drop ceiling or suspension mount requirements.

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Replacement panels for a data center

Data Center replacement panels are also used when a data center is being expanded within a facility. Our curtain panel / suspension systems can be compatible with existing structural installations. New bracket corners, curtain corners and end fittings are fitted seamlessly as airflow is circulated into the expanded area. Our air flow management curtain panels are quality made, function as well as new data center panel, and are aesthetically matched to the existing enclosure and design elements.

Get custom panels for your data enclosure

When replacing only some of the components of a data center enclosure it is important to make certain that they will function in the same manner as the original equipment. Since AmCraft is a manufacturer, we have the capability to replicate the required replacement components that will return your Data Center to maximum compatibility, functionality and efficiency.

AmCraft Replacement Curtain Panels provide many options to your existing Data Center Enclosure:                                                                                                                  

replacement data center curtains

It is easy to replace data center curtains on our pre-assembled brackets!

  • Easy to install
  • Retrofits to current curtain installation
  • Custom size curtain panels and configurations
  • Economical solution to damaged or worn curtains
  • Aesthetically matches existing curtains
  • Expand to create longer rack aisles
  • Expand area to house additional equipment
  • Bracket systems can be attached to existing hardware
  • Variety of panel options: vinyl curtain panels, clear plexiglass panels, rigid polycarbonate panels and strip curtains

Expansion and Replacement Panel Tips

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