Soft Wall Panels

Hot aisle soft panel enclosureSoft wall data center curtains allow you to create a data center enclosure by constructing  flexible wall barriers inside your facility. These soft wall barriers control airflow patterns and maintain temperature zones necessary to protect servers from overheating.

Data Center Curtains are a fast and easy way to provide hot or cold aisle containment inside your facility. The clear vinyl panels attach to pegs built into our lightweight bracket systems. These pre-assembled brackets are then attached to drop ceilings or structural ceilings. They are quick and easy to install and are a great option for creating an enclosure for your expensive server equipment. The curtain panels are easy to replace and can be used to expand an existing server aisle layout.

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 Data Center Curtain Soft Wall Panel Materials

server aisle curtain_FabraCraft

Data Center soft wall curtains are fabricated from a fire resistant clear vinyl that is available in 20 mil or 40 mil thick material. Light reducing or blocking colors are also available.

The vinyl edges are beveled to provide a smooth transition of panels for an improved air tight seal that reduces static, dirt and damage to the edges.

Standard and custom soft wall panels

The typical height for wall panels is 84” for full length ceiling to floor, and 36” from the ceiling to the top of cabinet rack. Custom height and width curtains are available so you can build an air tight enclosure to your exact layout requirements. The curtains can be cut on site to aid in working around obstructions.

Typical panel widths are 54” wide, other options are available in 12” wide,data center enclosure panels_FabraCraft 24” wide, 36” wide and 48” wide.

Each panel has a built in 2” overlap on each side to prevent air leaks. You should NOT factor in additional overlap when determining your overall dimensions, instead focus on an accurate measurement of the perimeter of your enclosure.
Note: there is usually one custom length/width panel needed per side to facilitate a sealed enclosure.

Curtain panels are ideal for corners in data center enclosures  

Pre-assembled corner track systems are easy to install and provide smooth and continuous sections that minimize air leaks at the corners. Softwall panels are useful in creating a custom, air tight fit at the corners.  Data Center Curtains and bracket systems are an effective and efficient way to create large or small enclosures for server aisle containment inside your facility.

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