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AmCraft fabricates airflow management systems to create containment enclosures used in data centers, technology centers, computer rooms, and cleanrooms for sensitive air containment and aisle isolation applications. AmCraft systems provide a customized, air tight enclosure around server cabinets and server aisles in a Data Center design.

Our popular airflow management system for data center aisle containment consists of pre-assembled, ceiling mounted bracket hardware, softwall or rigid panels, cabinet blanking panels, and partition barriers. End of aisle strip doors are used to provide access, maintain temperature zones, and control airflow patterns within a data center enclosure.

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The simple concept of effectively separating cold conditioned air from heat emanating from equipment can positively impact data server equipment performance, help to control energy costs, and maintain a clean environment in and around the server racks. If you need hot aisle segregation or cold aisle segregation, there are several options available to manage airflow and temperatures in order to achieve server aisle containment.

Why manage data center airflow?

The benefits of Hot Aisle containment and Cold Aisle containment are:

  • Increased ‘up – time’ of hardware
  • Increased rack capacity (server population)
  • Longer hardware life
  • Increased equipment performance

At AmCraft, we help to evaluate your data center requirements and layout options to achieve the best airflow containment solution. Most often, a custom room configuration is used to create the most effective air control pattern. To achieve the best server room airflow plan, our design team will help you every step of the way.

Which airflow containment system for a data center?

The most commonly asked question is “Which aisle to contain, hot or cold?” The answer depends on how your facility is configured. The best use of air containment curtains is to control the air patterns created by air conditioning systems and return ducts from HVAC and CRAC equipment that serves the area to be contained. AmCraft airflow management systems control airflow patterns by channeling hot air directly back to the CRAC unit. Research has proven the enormous benefits and cost savings of both hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment.

Some of the factors to consider when determining which aisle to contain airflow are:

  • Room Configurations
  • Available Space
  • Obstructions
  • Budget

AmCraft is committed to providing the air containment solution you need for an effective data center environment. Our technical sales group will discuss all the viable options for your particular situation. Call us today at 800-637-7487. We have a simple process to help you get started!

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