Air Flow Containment Optimization Benefits for Data Centers

Air Flow Benefits

Air Flow Benefits
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Air Flow Benefits fabracraft

Information Technologies (IT) have become a vital function for a business environment to provide solutions to their increasing need to manage large amounts of data. The capability of computers today to process large amounts of data creates a need to cool and protect the equipment in special rooms, called Data Centers.

How air flow management systems benefit data centers

AmCraft air flow management systems are an important part of that process, providing cooled air flow solutions and critical air containment for protection from over heating of these expensive server units. Our air flow management systems manage temperature zones by controlling air flow patterns, and are a smart investment by comparison to the money invested in computer hardware.

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Control cooling costs in a data center

Another important aspect of utilizing air flow management is the energy and cost efficiencies associated with managing air flow patterns and aisle air containment. AmCraft air flow management systems offer many innovative solutions to build a data center containment area that not only protect equipment investments, but is ecologically more responsible and cost efficient to operate.

Global IT spending patterns are projected to increase in order to manage the digital workload that most businesses need to run their operations. Statistics show that IT investments will continue to increase as it becomes a more significant business necessity within most operations.

global IT spending tops 4 trillion dollars by 2015
Global IT investment statistics provided by Gartner Worldwide, 2012.

Benefits of AmCraft Containment Panels for Data Centers

  • Saves Money on Energy Consumption
  • Increases server performance
  • Protects servers from air borne debris
  • Controls temperature zones
  • Provides employee comfort
  • Easy to install, expandable and movable
  • Design flexible layout configurations
  • Adheres to fire and safety standards

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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