Cold Aisle Containment for Data Center Air Flow Management

Cold Aisle Containment

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Page about Cold Aisle Containment
FabraCraft air flow management systems use Cold Aisle Air Containment panels

AmCraft air flow management systems use cold aisle containment panels to create a barrier that permits the internal cooled air supply to collect inside a data center aisle, and stay contained inside the aisle at the front of one or more server cabinets. This barrier is configured from the top down to the floor in order to contain the cold air delivered from air conditioning units. Air conditioning is used to dissipate, neutralize and move the heat off the servers within rack aisles. Cold aisle curtains & rigid panels are also designed to eliminate ‘hot spots’ that can form at the top of the server cabinets due to inconsistent air flow. Cold Aisle Panels are used to create custom Data Center Enclosures that facilitate better use of cooled air with a more even distribution and containment of cooled air patterns.

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Data Center Cold Aisle Containment

A cold aisle enclosure consists of a ceiling mounted panel system and aisle end doors to create a data center enclosure. The coooled air is contained to the cold aisle, at the front of the server racks. AmCraft’s cold aisle air flow management systems are fabricated as custom made panels to fit from the ceiling to the top of the server racks, ceiling mounted wall panels fill any open spaces between the server racks, and filler panels are used to seal any open areas under the cabinets or between the server units.cold aisle page with text2_FabraCraft

What are the benefits of a cold aisle enclosure system?

  • Ensures that the IT equipment is being cooled to manufacturers specifications for equipment stability
  • Provides custom airflow management by preventing air from flowing out aisle ends and between server racks
  • Meet operating conditions recommended by ASHRAE TC 9.9 guidelines
  • Eliminate hot spots to reduce stress on operating equipment
  • Provide uniform air temperature at the server intakes
  • Energy Savings and greater computing capacity
  • Creates a cold aisle server arrangement

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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