Hot Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle Containment
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Hot Aisle Enclosure for a Data Center

The containment or redistribution of heat is a challenge for maintaining cooled temperature zones in a data center. Heat accumulates exponentially as the server racks become more populated and placed closer together. The goal is to maintain sufficient CFM of cooled air distributed so to eliminate any hot spots and to provide a stable temperature zone for coaxing peak performance from your servers.

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How hot aisle containment works

A Hot Aisle Containment Solution uses AmCraft’s custom manufactured air flow management panel systems to create data center enclosures that contain the natural process of ‘warm air rising’. AmCraft’s air flow management systems are designed to direct the warm air upward and out to flow to air conditioning returns outside of the data center enclosure.

Using Data Center Hot Aisle Containment

A hot aisle enclosure increases the efficiencies of data center cooling by channeling the hot, dry air that is emitted from the servers, separating it from the cold air and directing it back to the AC coil. This air control technique creates separate pathways for cold and hot air flow patterns. This hot aisle containment application provides cost and energy efficiencies by minimizing the short cycling of cooled air and reduces the ‘overcooling’ of large areas.

hot aisle air containment enclosure
Key Advantages of Data Center Hot Aisle Enclosures

  • Minimizes the mixture of cold air and hot air in aisles
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Can fit on all ceiling systems
  • Manages custom spots so as not to overcool an area
  • Hot aisle curtains or rigid panels are used to build a data center

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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