Air Sealing Accessories

A Data Center room or enclosure is designed to provide optimal cooling efficiency for the server racks that house multiple server units. In order to prevent the servers from overheating, air flow patterns are established with the input of cooled air and the redistribution of heated air that is generated from the back of the server units. Data Centers are carefully planned to control temperature zones and to contain air flow patterns within the aisles and server racks. A fully contained data center enclosure offers the most control of air flow patterns and temperature levels needed for the optimal performance of the server units.

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How can I seal air leaks in a data center enclosure?

There are instances when the servers housed in the cabinet racks do not fit properly. These open spaces create air flow leaks to the outside of the enclosure which create temperature variances within the enclosure and reduces efficiencies. Servers can become unstable with inconsistent air flow and temperatures which can be a liability to the performance and safety of the server units.

Use air sealing accessories for containment systems

AmCraft provides a variety of options to seal these open areas to prevent air leaks within the server racks. Foam air barriers are a soft vinyl containment cube that compresses to fill a void, or, rigid polycarbonate blanking panels are inserted above the servers, between the servers, and under the cabinet racks at the floor level. Brush grommets allow cables to pass through openings and contain air leaks. Used separately or together, these sealing options are customizable and easy to install.

A variety of Air Sealing products are used to control air leaks.

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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