Air Containment Cubes

Data Center Air Containment Cubes are a foam filled, heavy vinyl wrapped, soft 3 dimensional cube used inside and around a server rack to prevent air leaks. This soft, ‘pillowy’ barrier compresses to fit tight to fill in the gaps around the sides, top and bottom of an opening where blanking panels are not used. Our air containment cubes are great for any size opening, including large and irregularly sized openings.

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Contain air leaks in Server Racks

AmCraft’s air containment cubes are made from quality sewn, fire resistant pvc vinyl covering and filled with a fire resistant foam. Our air containment cubes are flexible enough to fit anywhere, durable, and provide a form fitted air seal in and around any size or style of server racks. The cubes are easy to put into place and are easy to remove. Black is the standard color but other color options are available. Can be used vertical or horizontal. Handle straps are attached for easy removal.

Choose from a variety of sizes for air containment barriers

Sizes of air containment cubes:
4” x 4”    4” x 6”
6” x 5”    6” x 6”    6” x 9”    6” x 12”
9” x 9”    9” x 18”
Custom sizes are available.

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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