Vertical and Horizontal Server Rack Blanking Panels

Blanking Panels

Blanking Panels are air barrier panels that are rigid, lightweight panels used to fill the gaps between server rows within an server aisle enclosure. Blanking Panels are a cost efficient measure because they achieve complete air blockage of all open spaces in the rack and minimize air flow through open spaces.

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When to use air blocking for data enclosures

These air blocking panels are installed after the data center layout is determined and are used to complete the air tight enclosure. Blanking panels are used in hot or cold aisles for cold air containment at the front of the cabinets where the servers intake air. Completely closing off all open spaces within the enclosure provides enough energy savings to pay for these panels in a short time, making them a cost efficient and necessary component to building your Data Center Enclosure.

Different types of blanking panels for air containment   Framed Rigid Panels fit between server cabinets to fill open spaces.


Vertical Rigid Polycarbonate Blanking Panels fill large gaps (or spaces) between the server racks to achieve air containment, or to replace removed or missing racks. Custom sizes can be floor or over rack mounted.

Horizontal Rigid Polycarbonate Blanking Panels are used to block airflow of open horizontal spaces inside of server cabinets where servers are not present. Each panel is 19 inches wide (482.6 mm) by 1U, 2U, 4U and 8U.

server blanking panel_FabraCraft






Under Rack Panels fit under a server rack to block air flow and prevent hot spots from forming. These are mounted under the server cabinets to stop air leaks and provide a total containment solution.

block air flow under server racks






Design a Data Center Enclosure

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