Curtain Closure Options

A Data Center Enclosure uses a system of bracket configurations, curtain panels, polycarbonate rigid panels, doors and cabinet / rack barriers to contain air movement and to control temperature variances. To reach air flow containment, a well designed layout that minimizes air leaks around and between the server racks is necessary.

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Choosing curtain closures

The right and left sides of the containment panels are an important part of minimizing costly air leaks. Curtain panels can use a ‘best fit’ closure option to couple the panels together or attach to walls, equipment or structural beams to form an airtight seam. Each curtain panel may require a different sealing option, some needing a permanent seal while other areas require access for workers and maintenance staff.

Sealing a data center enclosure

AmCraft offers a variety of closure options at the top, bottom and sides of the curtain panels to achieve an enclosed data center. There are panel closure options that provide weighted bottoms to minimize air movement at the floor level, and permanent or accessible side options are available to fit your exact need.

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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