Benefits of Airflow Management in Your Data Center

If you manage a data center or server room, you know that there are unique challenges when it comes to maintaining the ideal temperature and airflow. There are many benefits of having efficient airflow in your data center. Here are five key benefits of implementing an airflow management system in your data center.

1) Increased Efficiency

With each additional rack in the data center, cooling needs increase as well. The cost of energy plus the amount of power consumed by the racks means that cooling the systems is a key function when it comes to maximizing the cooling system. Maintaining an efficient cooling system helps ensure that all of the server racks can function at a high level. When servers are functioning at top efficiency, your operation is more efficient.

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2) Failure Prevention

Airflow within data centers helps prevent heat exhaust and failure of the equipment caused by inadequate temperatures. If equipment gets too warm, heat exhaust can take place—when heat exhaust raises the ambient temperature in the data center, it creates hot spots within the enclosure, raising cooling costs and potentially causing equipment failure. Increasing airflow reduces the amount of stagnant air within the data center to prevent heat exhaust and equipment failure.

3) Lower Operational Costs

Increasing airflow improves the level of cooling capacity within a data center, lowering your overall operational costs by allowing you to use air conditioning less as well as helping prevent overheating of sophisticated equipment. Between the lower cooling costs and the lowered risk of equipment failure, implementing ideal airflow management can balance and lower the overall operational costs of running the data center.

4) Easy Implementation

Implementing an airflow management system is easier than you might think. Managing airflow can be done by installing data center enclosure curtains or containment panels. These panels and curtains help direct the air and maintain a certain environment within the enclosure. They are easy to install, expandable, movable, and protect servers from airborne debris.

5) Support Fire and Safety Standards

When installing airflow and data center enclosure curtains or panels, knowing that you are increasing the safety in your facility is encouraging. When the temperature gets too high, electrical equipment can short out or fail, which can cause fires to start. By using airflow curtains, you’ll be able to maintain a safer temperature in your facility.

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