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The Benefits of Using Wall Panels in Data Centers

Data Center or Server Room Wall Panel

All data centers need proper airflow management systems to ensure they stay at the right temperature and have proper cooling and heat dissipation. As part of hot and cold aisle containment plans, many data center designers will include wall panels, as they are an effective way to keep data centers cool while still being durable, customizable and affordable. See some of the advantages wall panels bring to data center design.


Because manufacturers create these panels from high-strength materials, like heavy-duty PVC, Plexiglass or aluminum frames (depending on the type of panel), they can withstand years of exposure to the hot air data centers produce. Rigid panels, for example, are known for the durability and heat conditions they can withstand, even for long-term use in the same spot. Your data center is an investment that will last well into the future, so you’ll need to make sure your wall panels can withstand the surrounding conditions. You data center can’t afford to malfunction. Rigid wall panels are encased in an aluminum frame and are mounted to a ceiling or onto server racks, so they have a tighter seal for blocking air.

An Affordable Component of Airflow Management

Your data center is valuable, so you don’t want to cut corners on cost at the risk of sacrificing a proper cooling system. With wall panels—especially strip panels—you can keep your data center protected without going outside your budget. These heavy-duty panels can be cut to fit your data center’s exact specifications, so you won’t have to waste any materials and can get exactly what you need.

Custom Shapes for Data Centers

No two data center designs are exactly alike, and each will need a custom airflow management plan to ensure the racks stay cool. Wall panels can create customizable barriers around your data center to protect from static discharge, contaminants and other damage. Even if you have data center rooms in unusual shapes, your data center curtain manufacturer can create wall panels from specific models, like strip or soft wall, to cover any openings that would otherwise compromise the system. With wall panels, you’ll get customizable coverage around your data center that, in turn, will keep it at the right temperature.

As you are searching for wall panels, you can consult data center curtain manufacturers for assistance in determining which curtain system will work best for your given space.
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