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How can you control air flow in server aisles?

data center airflow containment cubesTo keep air contained in your data center layout, you will need to have certain measures in place. At FabraCraft, we recommended the following measures to control air flow patterns and maintain temperatures in your server aisle enclosure. View our recommended door systems and data center accessories for eliminating air leaks.

Doors For Data Center Enclosures

Data center layouts need to have an end of aisle containment system in place for effective air flow management. You may choose from the following door systems for your data center enclosure to provide air tight containment and temperature control for your server aisles and cabinets or racks:

  • Strip Doors— Typically used as entry ways or for creating small enclosures, the 8” or 12” wide flexible panels provide easy installation and are removable for replacement or expansion.
  • Sliding Doors—Sliding doors often used for larger data center layouts that need aggressive air flow management and a rigid structure. They provide an air tight seal and fast and easy access to server aisles.
  • Hinged Doors—Hinged doors also provide air tight containment but require a larger ‘footprint’ when the doors swing into or away from the data center enclosure.

Data Center Air Sealing Accessories

Data center accessories are used to seal any gaps or openings in server racks and cabinets. To prevent air leaks in a data center design many companies use a variety of accessories in their server racks or cabinets, including:

  • Blanking Panels—These are rigid panels that close gaps between server racks and cabinets. They are inserted between servers sitting on racks, and over, under or between server cabinets to restrict the comingling of air inside and around the data center enclosure. Blanking panels are also used to close off an open slot in a server rack. An opening could be present because there is no server in the slot. Since most cabinets are configured to house a fixed number of server units, there may be some slots that remain open for future expansion. Blanking panels are used to block this space and contain the air flow.
  • Air Containment Cubes—Air containment cubes perform a similar function to blanking panels. These foam filled, vinyl wracube for airflow containment in data centerspped cubes are often used in conjunction with blanking panels to block air and can be ‘squished’ to fit irregularly shaped areas.
  • Brush Grommets—Brush grommets have soft bristles inside a plastic frame and are mounted to the floor, ceilings or walls to keep air contained around cable ports, electrical wires, structural poles or other spaces that require a pass through.

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