Choose the Right Curtains for Data Center Air Containment

Choose the Right Curtain Track for Data Center Air Flow Management

When you need a data center curtain wall track system, you probably already know you have multiple options from which you can choose. Which one is right for you, though? We’ve outlined three of the top track systems that could be best for your data center air flow management.

Drop ceiling track system for data center airflow management

Drop Ceiling Curtain Wall

The drop ceiling track system uses threaded caddy clips to stay secure to a ceiling grid. You can also use this system for truss-type ceilings, as well as plaster and drywall ceilings. Easy to install, the curtain wall panels for this system create a polished appearance for your data center air flow management.

FabraCraft Track Systems utilize a series of threaded caddy clips that attach to a drop ceiling grid. Whoever installs the track will weld a snap-channel into the top of the panels into which the snaps will lock. The track assembly is easy to install with just a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver and an 11/32” wrench, and the even-interval spaced panels attach to the bar mount for a clean, sleek appearance.

Roller track

Roller track system for data centers


When your server racks have a greater distance between the top of the ceiling and the system, you may want a roller track system. These tracks support wider cold aisle containment curtains with a heavier weight.

Roller tracks also allow for increased server cleaning and maintenance because they can be easily moved and positioned. You can mount the roller tracks as one, two or three rails in parallel structure, making them easy to assemble to any room’s shape or length.

You can also place these tracks around existing HVAC/CRAC ducts or obstructions for customization on whatever area you want to place your servers.

Lanyard Drop Track

lanyard drop track system for server rooms & data centers

If you need curtains that can drop down from the ceiling during an emergency to prevent extensive damage, you may want to try the lanyard track system. Whenever a server reaches 135˚F, these cold aisle containment curtains will drop down, and sprinklers will extinguish any fire that may occur to your system. To prevent the curtains from dropping all the way to the floor and causing water damage from the sprinklers, the lanyard drop only extends 18”. You may need to check with your local fire department to assure this model will work for your system, but this track is ideal for the safety-conscious.

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