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Choosing between hot and cold aisle containment systems

If you have a large data center, you know you need some way to keep it as cool as possible. At FabraCraft, we know just how important is to keep these data centers’ air flow management operating without any heat issues that could potentially ruin your system. When you need to maintain cool air around your equipment, you can choose from two options: hot and cold aisle containment systems.

Cold Aisle Containment System

cold aisle containment layout for data centers

For cold aisle containment systems, mounted panels create a cool environment around your data centers. These panels create barriers that contain an internal cooled air supply at the top of your servers. The air conditioning expends the hot air off the servers. By keeping the air around the servers cool, the hot air then enters the aisles, reducing chances for system overheating.

A cold aisle containment system could be ideal for your server system if you want to save energy by only cooling certain areas of the room where your servers are. These systems create custom data center air flow management by preventing the cool air from flowing out the aisle, which could overheat a system. The cold air panels also provide a better distribution of cool air to the systems, and because you can customize them, these mounted wall panels will fit your system perfectly.

Hot Aisle Containment System

data center hot aisle containment system


Hot aisle containment systems provide similar cooling benefits as cold aisle containment systems, but they work in a different way. Instead of containing the cold air at the top through mounted panels, hot aisle containment systems rely on warm air naturally rising to power their process. As the warm air rises, it enters air conditioning systems on the outside of the room, which will then cool the warm air and dispense it around the aisle racks of the servers.
By distributing colder air around the systems, the hot aisle containment systems are able to eliminate hot spots. This model can also prevent any “overcooling” of areas because it minimizes the short cycling of cooler air. By using less air conditioning, the hot aisle containment systems reduce energy costs for keeping your data center air flow management as stable as possible. You can also customize this cooling system model to fit almost any data server layout.

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