Configuring Your Data Center For Expansion | Air Flow Management

Configuring Your Data Center For Expansion

Over time, your company’s data center needs may change. Perhaps you need to expand your data center, or you decide your containment system needs more room to be its most effective. In these cases, you may want to consider expanding your data center’s space. Given the proper space, you can retrofit existing data centers in larger rooms for better air flow containment without much hassle. See how a server room expansion could work for your data center:

data center room expansion design options

Benefits of Room Expansion

Expanding your data center’s room can be highly beneficial for its efficiency. When a data center is in too small of a space, it may not be able to properly cool down because the air surrounding the center cannot get cool enough, or the hot and cold air combine, making the system ineffective. With larger space, more air can flow about and can prevent hot and cold air from mixing, reducing the stressed caused to your containment system and your data center. By having more cool air circulating, you can eliminate more hot spots, decrease fan usage and even extend the life of your data center.

Options for Data Center Room Expansion

To expand your data center, you’ll have many options from which you can choose. Many containment models are comprised of parts designed for retrofitting, making them easily interchangeable with a variety of mounting hardware and systems. Consult with a technician to assess your air flow and determine what will work best for your model’s air flow containment.

How to Get Started

Adding on to your data center may be simpler than you thought. With the help of an experienced data center air flow management technician, you’ll be able to determine what expanded room model will work best specifically for your data center configuration. The technician will then work with you to decide how to retrofit your center for the best air flow and, ultimately, the best performance for your system.

Because many of the air flow management parts are designed for reconfiguration, you can easily streamline your room expansion process. For example, many you can easily reconfigure data center curtains to fit a new space or server rack layout with minor modifications for track sections, ceiling support and other hardware. Your technician will help you create the best air flow by blocking outside air paths under, over and around the racks in your room expansion.

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