Considerations for Server Room Layouts

Data center server room layouts for airflow management

Many businesses rely on data centers for their everyday work, especially IT departments that need additional security. You know your data center’s layout needs to be able to keep it at the proper temperature. This system will ideally be dissipating consistent rates of heat to keep your airflow management system at the proper level. Follow our guide of considerations that will aid in the creation of your server room’s layout.

Consulting with Experts

As you evaluate what method will work best to keep your data centers cool, you can consult an engineer who will create a sophisticated CAD drawing specifically for your room structure, whether it is for a new or existing building. The engineer will consult an air conditioning expert to determine how your data center airflow management plan should be constructed.

Room Design for Airflow Management

Your installation team will need to create an airflow containment design that leaves room for proper clearance around the data center’s racks so no hot air can return into the data center, causing it to overheat. With the right heat load assessment and distribution, your data center will continue to function as needed.

Choosing a Containment Plan

Before you decide on which airflow containment plan is right for your data center, you will need to have a team assess the total heat load of your space. Once the professionals analyze your data center’s specifications, they will recommend either hot or cold aisle containment, usually depending on the position of the room’s airflow units and return duct works.

Cold aisle containment cools the enclosure by forcing cold air into the server aisles from air conditioning units, forcing hot air into the surrounding area and ultimately to CRAC warm air returns. The surrounding space outside of the data center enclosure is indirect warm air generated from the back of the server units that makes its way back to the CRAC units for conditioning.

If the aisles are completely contained, a hot aisle containment layout forces the warm air to be directed back to the CRAC for conditioning from inside the enclosure. Any space that is outside the hot aisle is cooled or room temperate air.

Both containment strategies are highly effective for keeping data center temperatures cool and consistent.

Server Room Expansion

Sometimes, companies will need to redesign a server room layout for data center expansion. If you are adding on to your data center and need to move equipment around, be sure to adhere to the specifications for the maximum time a unit can run without cooling. Once you’ve completed your data center expansion, make sure all cooling systems are in place and are effectively keeping data centers at their optimal temperatures.
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