Creating a Safe Data Center Airflow Management System

Creating a Safe Data Center Airflow Management System

Hot and cold aisle containment within data center design.

While an aesthetically-pleasing data center is always an added bonus to a design, you will want to make sure it is functioning properly, heating and cooling down your server racks to the right temperature, first and foremost. Consider the following with your airflow management team to create the best data center cooling system.

Choose a Flexible Air Management System

When you are choosing which data center model will be best for your company, you don’t want to be locked into an inflexible model that is hard to maintain or one that will not allow for additions in the future. Additionally, you will want your data center design to be as user-friendly as possible for both convenience and safety. A modular data center layout can provide the flexibility necessary if you ever need to expand or adjust racks at some point in time.

Note Any Obstructions

As you work with your data center designer, examine your space to determine if the room has any space limitations, obstructions, or any other features that would not permit the installation of a data center. These restrictions could pose problems if not initially noted, as designers must take fire suppression, pipes, light fixtures, duct works and CRAC-HVAC systems into consideration during the planning stages. Your data center layout designer will probably have to determine which items are easiest to move and which are structurally inflexible and plan accordingly. In many cases, your construction team can move external ductwork if other items are immovable.

Consider Fire Suppression

Data centers can overheat without the appropriate safety measures. To keep your data center as secure as possible, consider having your data center installation team use a lanyard drop track system as part of your airflow managementsystem. When temperatures surrounding your data centers reach more than 135˚F, the lanyard will drop 18 inches from the ceiling, sprinkling water to cool the system down without causing any water damage. With its fusible link system that works in conjunction with fire suppression and prevention systems, the lanyard drop is just another safeguarding protection you can take to protect your data center.

Fire-Resistant Materials

All of your data center’s airflow management materials will need to be flame retardant. If these components, like the wall panels, air containment cubes and others, are not, they could be a severe hazard, compromising the safety of yourdata center layout. Consult with your data center airflow management team to ensure your products are made from safe vinyl materials.

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