Data Center Design

Design a Data Center to Create the perfect air flow containment system

At AmCraft we strive to support a workable data center design that provides an effective and efficient solution for your server aisles. It is important to achieve an acceptable server aisle climate with the most cost effective steps relative to your existing situation. If your data center can be cooled sufficiently to maintain an acceptable set point at all server intake locations, you may not want to go to the expense of a hot aisle and cold aisle configuration. For most small to moderate size data centers the existing CRAC /HVAC supply and return locations may dictate the layout and airflow to a single containment option.

Design an efficient server room layout for effective data enclosures

AmCraft’s design and engineering staff help you to visualize what your enclosure will look like with data center curtain panels. Our design assistance helps you to make informed decisions about your data center enclosure in order to create a functioning air tight containment center that is also aesthetically pleasing in your facility. Our creative team can provide 2D drawings or 3D modeling renditions to help you realize the data center design options, data center layout options, and installation options that are available.

Call us for help in designing a data center, or creating an efficient and effective data center layout for hot or cold containment of the server aisles in your facility.

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