Room Expansion

As long as there is an adequate amount of sufficiently cooled air flow available, any existing data center enclosure can be retrofitted with air flow control and containment components that will expand and optimize your server cooling capacity.

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Re-designing server room configurations for ideal air flow

There are many options available when designing a new data center room configuration from an existing room layout. Many times there is a need to expand the area when adding server racks or just to reconfigure a new layout for better air flow efficiencies. AmCraft’s air management components are interchangeable with a variety of existing mounting hardware / systems, so retrofitting curtains and hardware systems are easy to design and install. To retrofit data center curtains within a space, AmCraft explores the foot print of the area in order to determine the best way to create an expansion with the existing air flow patterns.

Expanding a data center enclosure and containment system

Retrofitting data curtains sometimes involves a reconfiguration of server rack layouts to create new areas that need air containment components to create a separation comprised of hot aisles and cold aisles. These retrofit curtain systems usually require simple modifications that include ceiling support hardware, track sections, corner curtains, rack blanking panels, partition barriers, under rack panels and mounting hardware to complete the enclosure. The best method for creating air flow patterns for the optimum function of the enclosure is to determine how to force the cooled air through the server rack(s) by means of blocking all alternate air paths under, around and over the server racks.

Our experienced sales technicians can help you determine how to best retrofit your existing data center for optimal efficiencies and performance. We provide installation services if needed to make sure everything fits and performs effectively.

Additonal pre-assembled brackets and soft wall curtain panels make it easy to expand your existing data center enclosure.

expand data center curtains              Data-Center-Panel-Section_FabraCraft

Expansion with Softwall Curtain Panels

Expansion with Rigid Panels

Expansion Brackets

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