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Server aisle containment is a necessary function of a data center enclosure. AmCraft offers options for the end of server aisles with entryways into and out of an enclosure or data center room. Hot or cold server aisle doors can be simple strip doors that are easy to self-install, more rigid and durable plexiglass aluminum-framed sliding doors, or an aluminum-framed hinged doors with optional locking features.

Strip Data Center Door       

server aisle strip door_FabraCraft


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Determining the right Data Center door for air containment

The most efficient and effective server aisle door for a data center that you will want to install is determined by:

  • The size of the data center enclosure (or server room)
  • The type of accessibility needed
  • The best option to seal air flow patterns for maximum efficiency
  • If it is a permanent or modular construction
  • Mounting and installation requirements

With the right combination of options, your data center enclosure will properly maintain the optimal temperature for your equipment. Your enclosure will also be free of contaminants of any kind with a custom curtain design.

Server End Aisle and Data Center entry door options

Our server aisle door options for hot or cold containment provide a clean, sleek look to the design of your data center and function as an air containment barrier at your point of entry. All of our options for server aisle doors are designed to better manage your air flow patterns and temperature requirements. Used for air flow containment and an server aisle entryway, a strip door, swing door or hinged door will help to keep your data enclosure free from debris and contamination for a better clean room environment.

AmCraft will help you determine the options that are ideal for your data center, ensuring that the final design meets your specific requirements. We also provide air sealing accessories to further improve temperature control and containment needs in your data center enclosure.

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