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AmCraft’s pre-assembled bracket systems are used to create easy to install data center enclosures. We’ve recognized a company’s need to find a fast and easy way to install an in-house data center to protect its servers. AmCraft’s pre-assembled bracket systems provide a number of bracket and installation options that allow you to design a data center enclosure for hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment. Each pre-assembled bracket is pegged to hang soft wall panels and strip doors, which are used to create a custom air flow solution to meet the hot or cold aisle containment requirements of your facility.

Pre-assembled Brackets with Fusible Links                Pre-assembled Brackets without Fusible Links

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AmCraft’s pre-assembled straight and corner pegged brackets are designed to easily scale to any size aisle containment layout!

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AmCraft offers two bracket system options


Pegged Aluminum Brackets with Fusible Links—data center drop down bracket_FabraCraft
This two-piece bracket system with a 3.5” high aluminum face uses fusible links to combine a ceiling-mounted angle extrusion to a drop away bracket. The system is used for fire safety, as the fusible links dissolve before a fire engages. At 135°, the fusible links melt, which allows the bottom bracket to separate and drop 18” in order to allow a fire suppression system access to the enclosure. This bracket can be used with or without a lanyard drop cable system.


Pegged Aluminum Bracket without Fusible Links—
This one-piece bracket system with a 2.5” high aluminum face is used when an alternate fire suppression plan is present that does not require the enclosure panels to drop down from the ceiling.

Pre-assembled Bracket Systems Are Easy to Install

Straight and corner sections come assembled with mounting hardware, fusible links (if required) and pegs to support soft wall panels and strip door panels. Our panel bracket systems are available in 2-ft. and 4-ft. sections, as well as custom size sections that can be used to work around obstructions. The pre-assembled brackets are scalable to fit any size data center layout, and our corner bracket units allow for fast and easy installation. The pegged brackets support 14oz clear soft vinyl panels used to provide air flow management and air tight containment in hot aisles or cold aisles inside a data center enclosure.

AmCraft offers two options to hang bracket systems to fit your budget & layout requirements:


1.) Mounting the brackets to an existing drop ceiling T-grid with caddy clips


2.) Suspend the brackets with threaded rod from existing structural members through an existing ceiling

Choosing the right bracket depends on:

1.) The type of your existing ceiling:

• Drop Ceiling         • I-Beams           • Joists (wood or metal)         • Dry Wall Ceilings

2.) Your containment requirements:

• Ceiling to floor       • Ceiling to cabinet top      • Fusible Links         • Lanyard Drop

AmCraft bracket systems provide you:

  • A solution for simple or complex layouts
  • Innovative and custom options for structural obstructions that are present
  • Pre-assembled 2 ft., 4 ft. or custom length sections
  • Pre-assembled corner sections
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Custom design a data center layout

AmCraft Can Help Select a Bracket System

Do you need help creating a layout or determining a layout configuration for your facility? Call our experienced customer support team and we’ll help you get started! If you know your layout and bracket selection, simply scale our quick and easy-to-order pre-assembled bracket systems to your specific room size and configuration. Data center aisle containment is easy to achieve with our custom data center enclosures!

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