Drop Ceiling Track Systems for Server Rooms & Data Centers

Drop Ceiling

AmCraft Bracket Systems utilize a series of threaded caddy clips that attach to a drop ceiling grid. This bracket assembly is easy to install and the panels attach to the bar mount for a clean, sleek appearance.

Data Center Curtains on drop ceiling_FabraCraft

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Using suspension systems

Suspension Systems are used for:
1.) Drop Ceilings
2.) Truss type Ceilings
3.) Plaster / Drywall Ceilings

We carry threaded ‘caddy clips’ to fit all popular suspended ceiling systems. These clips are put onto the drop ceiling vanes without the use of tools. The 90˚ aluminum extrusions and the bracket extrusions are pre-drilled, if you attach the studded caddy clips at even interval spacing you will not have to drill holes.


Assembling the drop ceiling bracket system  caddy clip_FabraCraft

The pre-assembled brackets are easy to install on drop ceiling t-vanes. Caddy clips are used to attach the brackets to the drop ceiling and easily locks into place. Adding the pre-assembled brackets and corners creates the data center enclosure without the need for tools or a professional installer. The pre-assembled brackets and data center curtain panels are used for both hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment of server aisles. This allows for scalability and flexibility in the size and layout of your data center enclosure.

Mechanical Obstructions
Fire Protection and Suppression
Installation Instructions

Choose Softwall Data Center Panels

Choose Strip Data Center Curtains

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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