Lanyard Drop

Lanyard Bracket System for Data Center Curtains

A Lanyard Bracket System* is installed at the ceiling level and is designed to drop the curtain panels when the temperature inside the enclosure reaches 135˚F. Dropping the curtain panels from the ceiling allows fire suppression systems to flow effectively to extinguish a fire. A lanyard bracket system consists of fuse links and suspension wire that is attached to a two piece drop away bracket. When the fuse links melt, the panel bracket drops 18” from the ceiling instead of dropping to the floor or onto the servers and racks. It is an effective measure to provide safety to employees working inside or around a data center enclosure.

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A series of lanyard cables attach to the brackets, allowing the curtain panels to drop 18” from the ceiling so the sprinklers can distribute water in their original spray pattern. Heat sensitive fusible links* melt to drop down the curtain panels before a fire suppression systems engages. For tips on using a lanyard drop system, visit our Mechanical Obstructions and Fire Suppression page for suggestions before designing your data center layout.

Mechanical Obstructions
Fire Protection and Suppression

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