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Pegged Panel Brackets with Fusible Links

AmCraft’s pre-assembled pegged brackets with fusible links are well received in the industry because of the installation friendly construction and clean, sleek design. Fusible links are designed to melt when temperatures inside a server aisle enclosure rises, and provides a ‘break away’ of the brackets in case of a fire emergency. Fusible links are used to attach the ceiling mounted bracket to the drop away bracket, and are integrated into our preassembled pegged panel brackets.

Back View of Assembled Pegged Panel Bracket with Fusible Links


data center enclosure corner_FabraCraft

Fusible links are attached to the inside of the bracket and are not visible on the front side of the bracket.

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Fusible Links without a Lanyard Drop Cable


A pegged panel bracket with fusible links that does not require drop down cables. In case of a fire, the fuse links melt and the panels will fall onto the tops of cabinets or to the floor.

Fusible Links with a Lanyard Drop Cable

Fusible links with a lanyard drop cable
A lanyard drop system* uses a wire cable that is attached to the fuse links. In case of a fire, the fuse links melt and the bottom bracket separates to drop away from the ceiling and onto the suspension wire, allowing access for a fire prevention system to work.

AmCraft pegged brackets with fuse links are designed to scale to your aisle containment layout

 data center enclosure bracket_FabraCraftStraight brackets have a 3.5” aluminum face and are available in 2’ or 4’ sections. Custom lengths are available.

aisle bracket silver_FabraCraft data centersCorner sections have a 3.5” high aluminum face in custom sizes designed to fit your exact layout.


Pegged Panel Bracket Features

  • Panels & strips are easy to attach onto pegged bracket
  • Our panel bracket sections are preassembled for fast & easy installation
  • Custom corner sections complete any size enclosure
  • Installation is quick & easy
  • Brackets mount to drop ceiling T-vanes with caddy clips
  • Brackets can also be used in structurally mounted systems
  • Modular design allows you to move, reconfigure or expand your layout
  • Can be used in hot or cold aisles
  • An optional lanyard drop system* is attached directly to bracket

*Lanyard Drop Cable System

A lanyard drop cable system is used for fire safety, as the fusible links will melt when the temperature in an enclosure reaches 135° inside the enclosure. The fusible links separate and drop the panels away from the ceiling, suspending the bracket and panels with a wire cable. The supporting wires drop the bottom bracket 18” from the ceiling, avoiding the floor and cabinet racks. This is a safety feature used to prevent damage to equipment or bodily injury due to falling panels and brackets.

server aisle bracket_FabraCraft

We urge you to check with your local fire department about the use of fusible links and lanyard drop brackets to determine if they are appropriate for your facility.

AmCraft can provide help with installing bracket systems

Do you need help creating a layout or figuring out which layout configuration is right for your facility? Call our customer support team and we’ll help you get started! If you have already chosen your layout and bracket selection, you can scale our pre-assembled brackets to fit any room size and configuration that you need.

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