Preassembled Pegged Panel Brackets without Fuse Links

Pegged Panel Brackets without Fusible Links

Pegged panel brackets without fusible links are ideal to use if Halon or gaseous agents distribution heads are located inside the enclosure. Our pre-assembled bracket systems provide simple construction and an economical solution for containing temperature zones and controlling airflow patterns in hot or cold server aisles. Aluminum brackets with pegs are fabricated in pre-assembled sections to make hanging soft wall panels and strip panels interchangeable. The pegged brackets are designed for fast installation and will fit with any data center enclosure layout.

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Aluminum Pegged Brackets are Lightweight and Easy to Install

Front view of a panel bracket without fusible links and a 2.5” aluminum face.

 Back view with pegs to hang clear vinyl strip doors or soft wall panels.

Back view with pegs to hang clear vinyl strip doors or soft wall panels.


Preassembled corner brackets make it easy to create any size enclosure.

Sometimes it is necessary to construct asymmetrical corner sections to fit into your layout. Depending on your design, we customize corner units from 6” to 4’ on one of the sides. Our custom corner sections are scalable to fit your layout and are pre-assembled for easy installation.

AmCraft Pegged Brackets are designed to scale to your aisle containment layout!

Pegged Bracket Features


  • Easy to attach panels and strips attach onto brackets
  • Panel brackets are pre-assembled for fast installation
  • 2.5” high aluminum face bracket conceals clear strips on the inside
  • 2’ and 4’ sections are easily scalable to any room size
  • Pre-assembled custom corner sections (installers will appreciate not having to create 90° angles)
  • Can be used with caddy clips to mount to drop ceiling T-vanes
  • Can be used in structurally mounted systems
  • Modular and flexible, can be used in hot or cold aisles
  • Can easily be reconfigured or expanded as your data center grows
  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum
  • Custom length sections and configurations are available

Building an In-house Data Center Enclosure

Server aisle containment is easy to achieve in new data center construction, aisle expansion, or in retrofitting an existing data center enclosure using pegged panel brackets. Our pre-assembled straight and corner sections come complete with mounting hardware, caddy clips and pegs that support clear vinyl data center curtains, and strip curtains. Pegged brackets without fuse links are an easy and cost-efficient way to build your own in-house data center. The brackets are available in 2 ft. and 4 ft. sections that scale to any size layout and configuration. Our custom corner units are made to your specifications and designed to achieve air containment in your hot or cold aisle data center enclosure.

Installation Help for Panel Brackets without Fusible Links

Do you need help designing your enclosure layout and installing our panel bracket systems? Call our experienced customer support team and we’ll help you! If you already know your layout and bracket selection, request a quote for quick and easy ordering of pre-assembled brackets for your data center enclosure.

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