Suspension hardware is mounted in a layout that is flexible and scalable. The result is a flush mount to a drop ceiling, creating an enclosure that contains air flow and maintains temperature control inside data center aisles. The suspension mounts support brackets that are used to hang wall and door panels, providing access to cabinet and server racks for ease in maintenance and cleaning.

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Suspension mount positioning

Suspension mounting in a data center is used when there is a greater distance between the top of the server racks and the ceiling, and when more support is needed in the design of larger server aisle enclosures. The threaded rods are installed structurally, and support strip, soft wall or rigid panels that are used in most data center designs, giving you more flexibility to work around existing obstructions and HVAC / CRAC ducts.

Custom mounting options for building a data center enclosure

For custom flexibility in creating an enclosure layout, suspension mounting hardware can be attached to structural joists, structural beams or walls. This universal mounting system is available in a variety of lengths to create data center enclosures both large and small. The brackets that attach to the suspension mount are fabricated as pre-assembled 2 foot or 4 foot sections to any room length and configuration. Suspension mounting can be used for attaching any of our bracket options that use strip, soft wall panels or rigid panels to create an enclosure for hot aisle containment or cold aisle containment.

Truss Suspension Brackets_FabraCraft

Fuse links and lanyard systems are attached to the panel hardware, providing drop away fire protection for each panel on the suspension bracket system.

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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