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FabraCraft serves Data Center Companies

FabraCraft serves data center companies with air flow solutions and air containment products that help data driven companies become more energy efficient and effective at managing hot / cold aisles in a data center.

FabraCraft is located in Elk Grove Village, IL, an industrial and manufacturing area outside Chicago that can now use its powerful infrastructure for serving IT corporate customers and cloud computing companies. Elk Grove Village was until recently, known primarily as a traditional, long standing hub of manufacturing companies and industrial service companies. It is now primed to take advantage of its powerful infrastructure and turn its attention to new business markets such as information technology service companies. FabraCraft takes advantage of this power to run its own business, but also serves data center companies as a fabricator of air flow management curtains, track systems and rigid panels for data center aisle containment. Data center cold aisle containment systems

Design Efficient and Effective Air Flow Solutions

Effective data center air flow management requires a suite of products to provide an aisle containment enclosure designed to prevent cooled air from escaping through server aisles and server racks. The goal of an effective data center environment is to maintain a constant temperature and air flow pattern necessary to protect the servers from overheating. Whether you are designing a new data center layout, expanding a data center layout or modifying what you already have, you’ll need to determine where your air intake / duct returns are located in order to create an effective air flow in relation to the server rack layout. Power demands and cooling requirements will determine how to build your data center enclosure that is both energy efficient and cost effective.

Elk Grove Village is sprouting new cloud computing data center opportunities. As data center companies begin to design new data centers, whether in suite design layouts or collocation environments, using FabraCraft products make it easy to scale up or down as your business grows and needs change. Learn How to begin with design suggestions that provide efficiency benefits in a wide variety of data center design situations.

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