Data Center Management & Server Room Containment FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions About Data Center Curtain Systems

As an industry leader in the manufacture of moderate data center and server room enclosure systems, AmCraft is proud to offer guidance. Our experts can assist in the proper data center design and curtain enclosure system installation for optimal air flow management.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions below for relevant knowledge for your air flow considerations. Should you have additional questions or to discuss enclosure curtain systems, contact us.

How can you block air in server racks? 

How do I determine the best height for data center enclosures?

How do I suspend data center curtain panels?

Do I need cold aisle or hot aisle containment for data center server air flow?

Do I need a top to my data center enclosure?

Do I have to remove existing curtains to expand my data center enclosure?

What is the best end of aisle containment door for a server room?

What are the advantages of soft wall panel systems?

What are the advantages of rigid panel systems for server rooms?

What are the advantages of strip wall panels for data center cooling?

Which data center design should I use for airflow management?

What air sealing accessories should I use for my air flow management?

Which track system is best for my data center design?

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