What are the advantages of soft wall panel systems?

As you search for the proper data center design, you will want to choose a server aisle panel system that will keep your air flow management plan working effectively. Soft wall panels provide many advantages for regulating data center air flow patterns and maintaining temperature zones.

Customized Shape Barriers

Some data centers require a different layout or design, so you’ll need an enclosure option that is flexible enough to meet those challenges. Soft wall panel systems are a cost efficient and effective way to create an air tight enclosure to meet your hot air / cold air  flow management plan. Soft panel aisle containment curtains are designed specifically to mount to the ceiling and reach to the floor or cabinet rack tops to eliminate air leaks. It is best to accurately measure your space to determine where the input and return ducts are located in the room in order to determine the correct size and configuration required for your enclosure. However, there are instances where a data center layout could change, and soft panels offer flexibility to change your configuration or design on-site if needed. A data center installer can trim the soft vinyl panels on-site for a customized fit that will keep your air flow optimization working effectively.

Panels Constructed from Leading Materials

Your data center panel system should be able to resist the temperature output from the server racks. Soft wall panels are constructed using flame rated materials in various thicknesses to effectively keep temperatures properly regulated inside the enclosure. Because soft panels are available in 20 mil or 40 mil thickness, they can effectively manage air flow and sustain temperature levels required to keep servers from overheating inside of your data center cabinet or racks.

Another big advantage of soft wall containment systems is the cost. The per square foot cost of soft / flexible wall containment is substantially less than a rigid panel arrangement.

For any questions you may have about soft wall panel systems, contact the data center design experts at AmCraft.

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