Air sealing accessories to use for air flow management

What air sealing accessories should I use for my air flow management?

After you have established which data center design you will be using as part of your air flow management plan, you will want to make sure cooled air is contained. Data center specialists strongly advise using air sealing accessories, including blanking panels, air containment cubes and brush grommets, to proactively prevent any air from leaking out and ultimately putting the server racks at risk.

Blanking Panels

As you and your data center designer work together to create your air flow model, you may inevitably find that your layout has small gaps that could ultimately compromise your hot or cold containment airflow and put your server racks at risk for overheating. Blanking panels are the perfect solution. The panels are available in both vertical and horizontal styles, and are used both under and over racks and cabinets, and inside cabinet racks to fill open spaces between server units.

Air Containment Cubes

No matter what size you need to fill within your data center design, air containment cubes can enclose a tight and unusual shaped space. These foam filled cubes are squishable and come in a variety of sizes to fit into large and small odd size spaces and configurations.

Brush Grommets

Although you may have taken all the proper measures to keep your cool air contained, brush grommets provide an additional way to seal up leaks that could be introduced near cable wires or other small openings. Your data center designer can examine your current air flow management layout to determine which areas could benefit from brush grommet installation. These are a useful tool to prevent air from leaking and to keep temperatures constant, you can also proactively reduce your energy bills.

Find out how to close your air leaks by asking our data center specialist which accessories would work best for your containment model.

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