How do I determine the best height for data center enclosures?

Proper air flow management of your data center is crucial in order to keep the server racks from overheating, which could cost thousands of dollars in repairs and create invaluable losses to your server units. To ensure your data center remains at the proper temperature, you’ll need to create a seal around the racks for either hot or cold aisle containment models. This often means using panels and doors to create enclosures.

Figuring Out the Data Center Layout

To determine the height of your enclosure, determine the layout size and design of the data center’s server racks. Measure the difference between the top of the cabinet racks and the ceiling. Note positions and distances of the cold air supply and warm air returns in relation to the front of your cabinets. The panels should mount securely to the ceiling and touch either the top of the server cabinet or the floor.  Your best airflow solution will most likely include an overlap design for your enclosure that will effectively prevent air leaks while allowing access to the data server aisles.

If you have any questions about, consult with an air flow management technician.

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