How can you block air in server racks?

To keep air contained in your data center layout, you will need to have certain measures in place. At AmCraft, we recommended the following measures to block air in your server racks. Take a look at our list of door systems and data center accessories for optimal air flow management.

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Strip, Sliding & Hinged Door Systems

Data center layouts need to have an end of aisle containment system in place for effective air flow management. You may choose from the following door systems to block air from your server racks:

  • Strip Doors—These are an inexpensive way to create aisle doors. The size is customizable and they are easy to install and remove.
  • Sliding Doors—Sliding doors are often used in larger data center layouts that need rigid doors for more aggressive air flow management.
  • Hinged Doors—Hinged doors provide needed rigid door protection while still offering easy access to server racks. Hinged doors require a larger footprint to accommodate the swing ‘into’ or ‘away from’ the data center aisles.


Data Center Accessories

Data center accessories are used to seal up any gaps or openings in a data center design. Many companies use a variety of accessories in their server rack layouts, including:

  • Blanking Panels—These rigid panels close gaps between server rows in a data center design and block out air to support effective air flow management. Blanking panels come in standard sizes and are also used to block open server slots in server cabinets.
  • Air Containment Cubes—Air containment cubes perform a similar function to blanking panels. These foam filled, vinyl wrapped cubes are often used in conjunction with blanking panels to block air for irregularly shaped data center layouts. These cubes are available in standard and custom sizes and are easy to ‘squish’ into odd shaped spaces.
  • Brush Grommets—Brush grommets keep air contained near grommet holes for the data center cables to pass through.

See Air Blocking Accessories

For additional information on blocking air in server racks, contact AmCraft today.

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