Which mounting system is best for my data center design?

Mounting systems are necessary for containing air flow in cold aisle containment models. Your data center designer may suggest bracket options to be used with drop ceilings or structural ceilings with brackets that include a lanyard drop system. Each can be used for specific mounting requirements to ensure your data center continues functioning as needed.

Drop Ceilings

Best for: Easy installation

Cold aisle containment models need curtain walls to keep cooled air enclosed in the space. Many facilities have drop ceilings, and the space allocated for a data center enclosure inside a facility is determined by the best use of the existing drop ceiling track.  This is an inexpensive air flow management system, especially because of the easy installation. Drop ceiling installation is mounted to the T vanes of a drop ceiling track. Drop ceiling enclosures are easy to reconfigure if you ever need to adjust or expand your data center layout.

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Suspension Brackets

Best for: Larger server rack sizes

Suspension mounting is most often used in larger cold aisle or hot aisle containment systems. These brackets are designed for models that need a larger enclosure, and when it is deemed necessary to use structural joists to mount the panel bracket systems and enclosure walls.

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Lanyard Drop

Best for: Emergency cooling

If for some reason your data center’s cooling system malfunctions, you will want to make sure you have a plan in place to prevent damages.  Lanyard drop brackets provide the best solution. This bracket system is equipped with fuse links that melt when server racks reach high temperatures, which then cause the containment panels to drop down, allowing the sprinkler system to work in and around the enclosure.

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