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Liquid Cooling of Server Units

liquid cooling for data centers

IT departments are looking for reliable solutions to cool data centers in order to keep the high levels of heat from shortening the life of vital equipment. To avoid server rooms from shutting down and to increase the performance of equipment, the high temperatures need to consistently be cooled. This needs to be done by using less electricity, respect for the environment, and saving money.

Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Cooling Data Centers

Cooling large data centers and server units with liquid is a relatively new concept in which flat water cells with connecting tubes are placed inside computer servers. This concept is very similar to a water jacket inside of a car engine where cold water is circulated through these units to extract the heat off of given components within the servers.

Liquid cooling offers clear benefits and can extend the life of vital and expensive components in server rooms. The tremendous benefits for liquid cooling becoming the most efficient way to cool server units are a smaller carbon footprint, reducing costs, and more reliable and consistent temperatures within data centers. A large amount of the energy consumption within an air-cooled data center is from powering the cooling systems. Liquid-cooled systems use a fraction of resources to maintain a steady temperature. This not only cuts costs and saves money, it reduces the amount of damage to the environment.

FabraCraft is an expert in creating the highest quality IT solutions to offer peace of mind in reliability and safety of data centers that will last for years to come.

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Liquid Cooling Processes

The heat generated by storage and computing equipment in a data center are cooled with water cooling loops that bring the cool water into the servers and the hot water is cooled as it comes out. This process cools the air in the room, but you can also use enclosed systems to cool chips and components directly by immersing servers in cooling fluids or into the back a rack or cabinet.

Cool liquid is used to cool the increasing heat loads generated by higher-density racks to help heat dissipate more quickly. This process eliminates the need to manage air and humidity within a sealed unit. Once the hot liquid is removed from the data centers it can be used in other areas of the facility such as underfloor heating, further reducing operating costs.

Technology Supports the Needs of Businesses

Elk Grove based liquid cooling specialist Fabracraft manufactures the liquid delivery infrastructure needed to store, move and pump the liquid as it captures the heat from the equipment. As the demand for IT management solutions increases, we are here to offer you ground-breaking products that meet the highest of standards to help companies manage internal resources.

How to Implement Immersion Liquid Cooling Into Data Centers

When cost of energy is high and reliability is a must, implementing liquid cooling into data centers makes sense. Consult the Fabracraft team of experts to have an evaluation of your organization’s needs.

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