Part of Your Data Enclosure Damaged? Get a Replacement Panel

When One Part of Your Data Enclosure is Damaged, Don’t Replace the Whole Thing

It happens to all of us at some point in our life: some small part of a larger object breaks, and we think we have to replace the entire thing. Take, for example, a laptop—if the hard drive breaks, you have to buy a whole new computer, right? Au contraire! Instead, for a fraction of the amount of what it would cost to buy a new machine you can buy a replacement drive. Similarly, when parts of a data enclosure get damaged or worn out, many companies think they have to replace an entire containment wall or section. In reality, this is not true—you can simply replace the worn out or damaged part, but at a fraction of what it would cost you to replace the entire enclosure.

If part of your data center enclosure is worn out, damaged, or isn’t functioning properly, you don’t have to replace the entire enclosure—just that panel!

Retrofitted, Compatible Options

One common concern when replacing just a part of a larger system is whether the new part will work properly or fit the same aesthetic as the existing structure. For instance, if you were to just buy any hard drive for your laptop, it might not work properly—that’s why you have to buy from the manufacturer. However, at FabraCraft, the opposite is true. Our replacement panels can be retrofitted to match the rest of the panels that are currently installed, and in addition to matching the structural design and layout, it will also match the aesthetics—you won’t be able to tell which one is the replacement panel unless there is significant wear and tear on the older panels. FabraCraft data center replacement panels are manufactured to blend in and not only function the same way, but also to look the same.  Replacement panels for server aisles can be fitted seamlessly, including new corners, panel sections and aisle entryways, so you can be confident that the new panel will look and work just as well as the existing panels.

strip aisle containment - FabraCraft

Customizable Panels

If the rest of the panels are still working as you need them to, but you need just one part of the aisle containment enclosure to feature more rigidity or flexibility, you can install a replacement panel that is a different material. At FabraCraft, we offer a variety of panel options designed to suit a variety of needs, including rigid polycarbonate panels, softwall panel sections, or strip curtains. Strip curtains for a data center is easy to replace as well as add to an existing data center enclosure to allow for easier access at any point in the enclosure, not just at server aisle entryways. You may need this type of flexibility for server maintenance or repair. Replacement data center panels are easy to install, whether you need clear Plexiglas panels or flexible vinyl panels, retrofitting data center wall panels are effective and cost efficient. No matter what you need today or in the future for your data center enclosure, you’ll find the flexibility you need to enhance and expand an existing enclosure to fit most new or existing layout requirements.

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