Rigid Panels

data center enclosure_FabraCraftRigid Panels for data centers are to create a more permanent enclosure, usually for a large space. The polycarbonite panels are clear and offer a clean, sleek design to server aisle containment. The rigid wall panels provide the most air tight enclosure option to control airflow patterns and contain temperature zones inside a data center enclosure.

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This option is a plexiglass encased rigid aluminum frame system that can be attached to server cabinets if it is not possible to attach brackets to a ceiling. These rigid panels can be mounted at the ceiling level, or attached to the top and side of cabinet racks.


Data center airflow management with enclosure panels

An aluminum frame encases the rigid panels which can be mounted to the server racks with supported brackets or attached to a structural supported bracket system.

An 1/8” thick Plexiglass® barrier is a more rigid and economical panel option. The Plexiglass panels assume all of the same mounting fixtures and properties as the polycarbonate material.

Rigid panels for aisle containmentRigid panel construction for data center enclosures

Standard and custom rigid panels for server rooms

Standard size panels are 24” wide, 36” wide, 48” wide or 54” wide. Most panels are encased in a standard 24” or 36” high frame. Custom panel and frame sizes are available.

Mounting options for Rigid Panels

  • T bar mount for structural ceilings
  • Suspension brackets
  • Angle bracket attachment to server rack

Design a Data Center Enclosure

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