Save Time and Money with Replacement Panels

Save Time and Money with Replacement Panels

Data center enclosures take a good amount of time to plan for, purchase and set up, so when one of the panels gets damaged or worn out, it can seem like an arduous endeavor to have to redo the entire job. Thankfully, you can simply purchase replacement panels and swap them out, which can save you a lot of time and money. Not convinced? Read on to find out why using replacement panels should be part of your maintenance plan.

They Can Be Retrofitted

If you’re worried about new panels not looking the same as your old panels, or not working as efficiently, you’ll be pleased to know that custom panels for your enclosure can be retrofitted to match the previous installation configuration. We at FabraCraft have the capability to replicate the required replacement parts that will ensure your enclosure panels fit and look the same as it did prior to the replacement  installation.  After the replacement panel is put in place, the enclosure will have the same air flow control and temperature containment necessary for your data center enclosure. New replacement panels create an effective and efficient way to restore hot or cold aisle containment to its maximum functionality and efficiency.

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They’re Easy to Install

Instead of taking down the entire enclosure and redoing all of it, replacement panels allow you to take down only the panel that needs replacing. Replacement panels have the same easy, installation method as the original panels, and easily attach to the existing ceiling mounted hardware.  Not only is it easy, but it saves you the time, expense and hassle of having to take down and rebuild an entire data center enclosure.

They Can Be Added to Customize Enclosures

Do you need to expand your data center enclosure but don’t want to reconfigure the entire layout? Replacement panels can be installed in such a way that they will not only aesthetically match the existing panels, but they can be used to create longer rack aisles or expanded to include additional equipment. Simply adding in replacement panels instead of reconfiguring the entire layout can save you a lot of money.

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There are a Variety of Panel Options

If you want to replace a panel with the same flexible or rigid material, you’ll have no trouble doing so. However, if your needs have changed and you need a different type of panel, this is no problem either—FabraCraft offers a number of different containment options that include flexible vinyl panels, rigid Plexiglas wall panels, rigid polycarbonate cabinet top panels, and strip curtains. All of our panel options are compatible with filler panel accessories, which are designed to fill between, under and over cabinet racks to create an air tight data center enclosure.

They’re Compatible With Your Enclosure

If you’re concerned about replacement panels not working correctly with your existing mounting system, you don’t need to be—they are made to be compatible with your existing mounting hardware and building infrastructure. Ceiling mounting bracket systems are easy to retrofit for expansion, making replacement panels a perfect way to grow or reconfigure your existing data center enclosure.

Save money from having to replace an entire enclosure and the time of having to do the work by replacing only what is necessary. For more information about replacement panels, contact FabraCraft today.

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