Sliding Doors for Data Centers & Server Room Enclosures

Data Center Sliding Door

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Data center doors are used to close off air for better air flow containment in server aisles while providing entry / exit into a data center enclosure. AmCraft offers several options of containment doors to fit your requirements for access into a data center enclosure.

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Manual Slide Server Room Doors for Data Center Enclosures

Our frame mounted end of aisle sliding door is designed to attach easily to existing wall or roof structures, server racks, and floors. Our sliding doors are containment doors for server aisles, and built to comply with national and local fire codes (NFPA). A data center sliding door is a more rigid and durable containment door than strip curtains and are used in medium to large data center enclosures as entryways at the end of server aisles and server rooms.

  • Single or Dual Polycarbonite Manual Data Center Sliding Door*
    A sturdy, 1/8” thick clear polycarbonate door on an aluminum channel frame mounted track system with a single handle on each side. Easy to open and close, this door is used to provide a more airtight entryway and clean room door option than strip  doors.

Standard door size is 7′ high by 6′ wide. Custom door sizes are available.

*Typically, our commercial sliding doors or hinged swing doors are used in higher traffic situations.

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