Data Center Strip Doors

data center strip door

Ceiling or wall mounted overlapping vertical strips are easy to install and replace. Server aisle strip doors are the most cost efficient door to use for aisle entryways. The fire resistant 80 and 120 mil vinyl strips are available in many custom width and length combinations to fit any doorway.

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Strip doors for data enclosures

Data Center Strip Doors are used to close off air containment aisles while providing easy access into the enclosure. End aisle containment is an integral part of a data center enclosure. Since an entry point is necessary, AmCraft offers several options to fit your requirements for data center enclosure access. All are designed to easily attach to existing wall or roof structures, walls, server racks, and floors. The materials we use comply with national and local fire codes (NFPA).

A Data center aisle entryway

Server Aisle Doors: Standard size are 84” long strips and 8” wide and provide easy access into a data aisle enclosure.

  • Mounts to ceiling or wall track systems
  • Smooth and ribbed vinyl strips with anti-static properties
  • Beveled edges provide a smooth layer transition after walk through
  • Clear and assorted colors are available
  • Other lengths and width sizes are available
  • Can be cut on-site for exact fit
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Modular designs
  • Replacement strips fit existing doorway
  • Strip curtains comply with national and local fire codes (NFPA).

A strip door aisle containment system helps to maintain a data center clean room environment as it protects the servers from air borne contamination. Strip Doors are easy to clean and replace. They can be used to expand a data center enclosure, and as a work around for containing tight spaces where other panels won’t fit.

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