Use Air Sealing Accessories for Ensuring Proper Airflow and Containment

When you’ve implemented data center curtains to contain airflow and manage temperatures while keeping your equipment running as efficiently as possible, you may still find that there are air leaks in your enclosure. If you have air leaks, that means your enclosure isn’t being optimally cooled for peak efficiency. At FabraCraft, we have solutions to help you to seal off air leaks and in turn, make the entire enclosure more energy efficient.

There are a few different types of air sealing accessories available for your data center enclosures—here are the benefits of each.

Foam Air Barriers


Foam air barriers are made out of soft vinyl and are inserted anywhere there is a gap for air to flow through. They compress to fill the void and expand once in place, effectively sealing the air leak. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available, and these are a good option for sealing unique open areas inside the data center enclosure.

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Blanking Panels


Blanking panels are made of a semi-rigid polycarbonate material and are used to create a barrier for blocking air flow in server or rack layout configurations. Blanking panels are an easy and inexpensive way to block air flow inside, under and around server cabinets so that air isn’t allowed through horizontal or vertical openings.

Brush Grommets


Brush grommets allow cables to pass through openings to contain air leaks created by your cable management layout. The brush material helps reduce the amount of air lost while safely allowing cables to pass through a rigid grommet opening.

Why Use Air Seal Accessories?

Using any of these accessories, or all of them in conjunction with one another, allows your data center enclosure to function more efficiently. By containing air leaks and managing the level of airflow in any given area, you not only are able to manage the temperature within the enclosure more easily, but you’ll boost the overall performance of the enclosure.

Some of these sealing options are customizable, making them an ideal option for most any data center, and depending on your specific data center configuration, you’ll be able to pick and choose which ones will be most beneficial to your workspace. Managing airflow in a data center enclosure also helps to prevent debris from contaminating equipment and minimizes the impact of dust in the air. This is an important process that helps to prevent servers from overheating and stop working due to heat exhaust.

A fully contained data center enclosure helps to provide an optimal level of performance from server units. Air flow patterns are determined by first identifying the most ideal redistribution of heated and cooled air, then implementing a data center design that utilizes additional accessories such as foam air barriers, blanking panels, and brush grommets for completing air tight containment. For more information about any of these products, or to get started implementing air barrier accessories in your data center enclosure, contact FabraCraft today.

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