Using Brush Grommets for Your Data Center Air Flow Management

After you’ve purchased a data center, you’ll want find the best air flow management design to keep cooled air from escaping, which could potentially overheat your system. While you can choose from a variety of methods of air flow containment accessories, you’ll need to prevent any leaks that would compromise your system. By using brush grommets as seals for your design, you can effectively keep your data center at its necessary temperature.

brush grommet options for data center air flow optimization

Preventing Bypass Air Flow

Even with the most careful data center configuration, air can still leak out without proper grommet installation. Your cooled air could otherwise escape through cable wires, or air could be leaking in from holes in the wall. By installing brush grommets on your data center, you can ensure that your containment plan can operate as needed.

What Are the Benefits of Data Center Air Flow Management with Grommets?

With the use of brush grommets for data center air flow management, you’ll be able to have more effective control on your data center’s temperature—and you’ll be able to see the results right away. When you use these grommets during the construction of your data center, you’ll already begin your air flow optimization. Grommets can make sure your system cooling gets off to a good start, sealing in the air needed to cool off your data center. You’ll be working proactively instead of reactively to ensure your data center stays at its optimal temperature, saving you time and potential lost costs later on.

Getting Started with your Grommet Installation

You now know the benefits of air-sealing brush grommets: creating better efficiency in data center cooling, proactively improving your air flow optimization and even allowing for increased data center capabilities. Installing your air-sealing grommets could be easier than you think. Ready to get started? You’ll need to consult a designer and technician to determine which air flow system will be best for your data center design. Your air flow management designer can use the grommets to create an optimized air flow in conjunction with whatever containment plain he or she chooses to use. Because grommet usage is flexible, you will be able to save money when arranging of your system because you won’t have to cut any panels.

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